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Website Updates over Zoom Call

Does your website need some updates, but you also want to watch and learn how to do it yourself? Here is your solution!

Website Updates with Zoom Call: $150

"I have a website, it needs some work, but I also want to learn how!"

The Process:

  • We will communicate via email about your vision for your website, specific needs, any issues you're having, etc.

  • Website Audit (If you aren't sure what your website needs, Caroline will take a look at your website and make suggestions on what could be improved)

  • Caroline will send a estimate for how long she anticipates the work to take, & you can limit the hours to a specific number if needed

  • We will schedule our call via Zoom, where Caroline will share her screen as she makes changes to your website

  • The call will also be recorded and sent to you, so you can rewatch as many times as you need!

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