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About Caroline: 

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Hey y'all! My name is Caroline and I'm so glad you're here! Thank you so much for checking out my page and for wanting to learn a little about me! 

I am 23 years old and I'm from Eastern North Carolina! I love Jesus, the beach, coffee, birkenstocks, playing tennis, reading books, anything Christmas related, and spending time with my husband and our dog, Axel!


During the beginning of 'covid times,' I created my first online small business. During this operation, I learned so much about allll the stuff that goes into building websites and running a small business online. I fell in love with many aspects of business, and knew that it's what I wanted to pursue in school (and in life!) I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and certification in Digital Marketing!


After having so much fun running my own website, I thought it would be SO awesome if I got to help other business owners with theirs, and help them save a LOT of time while doing it! Time is money, and I know you want to be spending your time being creative, making products, or driving traffic to your site, instead of trying to figure out how to even run a website, which could take FOREVER and lead you to feeling like giving up. We don't want ANY of that here! 

Since creating CT Virtual Services in 2021, we have gained a community of over 14,000 friends on TikTok, and I've been able to assist hundreds of business owners from all over the world get the website of their dreams! 

I'm not into over complicating things-- my simple goal is to help business owners like you make life easier and get you an awesome website that works for YOU and helps you be successful without having to worry about finding the time and energy out of your busy schedule to create it yourself. I'm here to help and I can't wait to meet you!! 

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