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Holiday Website Bundle

A $130+ Value for just $99! 


  • A Website Audit:  Caroline will take an in-depth look at your entire website (including the backend) and send you a list of what can be done to make your site more user friendly, visually appealing, and better functioning! 

  • Website Updates:  Caroline will make changes to your website based on your website audit, and any other additional changes you would like to be made.

Sign Up ends December 13th, 2023! 

If you're a business owner, you know you have to plan everything WAY in advance; new product launches, photo shoots, Holiday items, etc. Why wouldn't you do the same for your website? 

You don't want to wait until you launch your Holiday items to find out that your shipping rates aren't correct, customers are using old discount codes, or everything is showing up as "sold out." 

Let me take care of that so you don't have to!

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